More and more Phil and I have spoken about starting our own business when we move back to New Zealand. We’ve thrown about a few ideas, but there is one that has really stuck (sorry I can’t reveal it yet). We are seeing a lot of our friends in NZ and Australia setting up their own business ventures and getting out of the rat race, doing things their way. We’ve got a name, the start up capital and the idea. I’m already so excited about this that I search for locations and places we could rent to kick start this adventure.

I know we couldn’t go back and live off the income of this business from day dot, so would need jobs elsewhere (I don’t even care if it’s in a supermarket to begin with!) to keep us moving. But the prospect of working for yourself is so fucking exciting I just can’t wait! One thing I’ve learnt in my current role is that if I’m not busy, I lose momentum and drive. I get lazy and just can not be bothered with anything. I need to be busy. Working a job, while trying to establish a start up should keep me busy and off the boredom boat sailing to unproductive land.

My only fear of starting our own business and working for ourselves is the old procrastination monster. I seriously am first to do nothing when I don’t have to. Hello season one of The Affair! Smashed that out in a weekend. I’m sure the excitement of it being our achievement and a way to set ourselves up will be the overall drive. But I will have to keep focussed and make sure I don’t get into bad habits. Getting up early each morning as normal would be a good start. Really, I want to know from those out in the big bad world of working for yourself – how do you keep focussed and motivated? I guess an even bigger question is for those who work so closely with their other half, how do you not kill each other? Phil and I have a relatively easy structure, I’m the boss. More often than not lately he’ll push back on things I say, but not much fazes him and he’ll often just let things slide.

We’ve researched our idea – to make sure we would not be entering a dead market. There’s always a little uncertainty and a bit of the unknown – but I guess unless you really give it a go wholeheartedly, how would you ever know? I know it won’t be all beach scene work days and sleeping in, but it is something that if we set it up successfully, we could run while adding children to the mix. Phil would take the lead on this (it was originally his dream) and I’d be the support and cheer squad doing anything possible to keep us chugging along.


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