So remember how I wrote that post about our holiday plans for 2018? Well, scratch that. WE’RE MOVING TO SYDNEY. I was offered a role in the Sydney office for the investment bank I currently work for and after a couple of back and forth’s Phil and I decided. Yes. We’d go for it. I’ve never been to Sydney, him being British has never been to Australia. But we thought we’d take on the challenge – living a three hour flight from my family (in New Zealand) and already having friends in both Australia and New Zealand we decided it wasn’t much of a gamble, more a next step in our adventures.

The Bank are paying for our full relocation; flights, cargo, temporary accommodation, insurance – the lot! It’s a no-brainer.

So now, we have to pack up six years of London into cardboard boxes and get our arses downunder, as I start my new role on April 9th.

More on this coming soon.

2 thoughts on “We’re moving south. Super south.”

  1. Holy crap that’s so fast and such an amazing opportunity. I hope you love the new role AND the new city! Once you’re settled we can book a Melbourne reunion with the girls!!

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