Today, Monday 14th of November I became an auntie for the first time. I now tell everyone I encounter. I know I’m not the mother, nor did I go through the nine months carrying the little bundle but in the lead up to my sister’s due date I was a bundle of emotions. Last night I burst into tears just at the idea that my little niece or nephew would be in the world when I woke up. Tears of excitement and happiness and the sadness that she’s on the other side of the planet to me in New Zealand. I was in touch with my sister regularly throughout her pregnancy, the ups and downs, the family all getting involved and adding their opinions, my sister not always calm because of previously stated family opinions. I was also in touch with my youngest sister throughout – she too was experiencing the high and low emotions that I was. When I received the news this morning and subsequent photos I was in tears again. I requested even more photos and my sister sent some through to me while I was on the bus to work, again the tears came. I never thought I’d be this emotional from a newborn that wasn’t mine – but dear God, the fact she has my blood too and is the next generation of our family is extremely overwhelming. My sister is a mum. A MUM. This blows my mind.

I’m the eldest sibling in my family, yet my sister (the new mum) was first to graduate University, first to get married, first to buy a house and now first to have a baby. She is a proper grown up and ahead of me in all her planning and the setting up of her life. I am extremely proud of her, and while being two years older than her, I’m amazed at how she has taken to everything so naturally. She’s always known she wanted to settle down and have a family – no questions, even after her stint in London and travel through Europe. Meanwhile I decided to flit off to London not wanting to have to make too many decisions and instead keep exploring and having adventures.

All three of us are very different women, however the older we get the more alike my sisters and I are becoming. I love my sisters to bits and miss them every day that I’m in London. I can’t wait to give her a cuddle. Now we have the next generation to enjoy. I can’t wait to cuddle my beautiful, shiny, new, little niece, Pippa. Welcome to the world little one, you will be forever doted upon by your adoring aunties.

3 thoughts on “Welcome little one.”

  1. Totally hear you! Felt exactly the same when I was an auntie for the first time! Excitement, tears, emotions, it was 14y ago and I am still moved when I think about it. I now have 5 nieces and nephews so I am kind of used to it now lol, but the first one is extremely special…cannot imagine how wéll feel when it’s our turn…will be you first for sure 😘x

    1. Extremely special! I can’t get enough of her. I know I’ll love them all, as you love all yours, but I was just so shocked as to how I would react to her!

      Haha, I’m trying to persuade him to start now, he’s not sure just yet. Not in London he says… x

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