While I don’t completely agree with the idea of a crash diet to be slimmer on your wedding day, compared to any other day, I do understand that looking and feeling your best becomes a bigger priority on such occasions. Photos that you’ll have for ever and all that…

So while I’m not getting married (one day…) I did have a small meltdown earlier because it’s just 21 weeks until my friend’s wedding, in which I have been intrusted to be a bridesmaid, and I don’t want to be the one letting the team down! I know 21 weeks sounds reasonable, but you may as well knock off a week for Christmas and New Years, plus I need to start trying dresses as soon as possible. So realistically I have about ten weeks, plus a few weeks near the end that should I trim up I could go to a seamstress to nip and tuck my dress.

It’s something I was supposed to be doing now anyway, since we returned from North America where we ate ALL the food, the wedding coming up is just a very good goal to aim for.

I went through this once before when I was a bridesmaid for my sister and in the last week leading up to her wedding I was on a diet of black coffee and grapefruit. No joke. The beautiful dress she ordered for me wouldn’t zip up. I was on the ground on my stomach while my mum tried to man-handle me into it. No chance, the zip had at least a 5cm gap. But by wedding day, after completing my rations diet for a week, I was good to go! But why do I never learn? Because I’m lazy and food and wine are the sweet nectar of the Gods here to entice me. Daily. And hey, I don’t do drugs. So there’s that…

I’ve already cut out the midweek drinking, so I mean, that’s something. Also, winter is nearly upon us in London so soup season is soon to commence. I plan to live on homemade soups and vegetables, which will save me money if I bring them in to work for lunches too.

It’s going to be a rocky road but a trip I need to start now, so as a friend of mine often says, Jesus take the wheel!

We’ve all been there, right? Right?

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