I’m a planner. I fucking love it. I blame my job. I draw up spreadsheets of costs, days, nights being stayed, and what we will see and do. The lot. I love being organised. I love lists. Scraping your pen across something you’ve just completed is a huge accomplishment in my world. Even if the item stated “drink water”. Small wins.

One thing I struggle with when planning my holidays and travel plans? The boyfriend. Phil’s so bloody sensible. While my spreadsheet is organised, it’s not sensible or rational. I’ll willy nilly add a day or two to trips just so we can see one more thing, or more likely EAT ONE MORE THING. He instantly turns to me and states that extra day will cost us £100-200. Hello, buzzkill. He’s a saver, I’m a spender.

We’ve been back and forward with planning our Canada and US trip. I keep adding locations (New Orleans is a MUST in my opinion) and he keeps telling me we have limited days and funds and will have the chance to go again. Really? Because I want babies ASAP, mister. I do not want to be towing them through Las Vegas or to Niagara Falls.

We hit a brick wall earlier this week when I insisted we must go to New Orleans and eat the food and immerse ourselves in the culture and ogle the stunning architecture. He argued it was out of the way (true) and that he’s not a jazz fan. My argument on the French Quarter didn’t help either – as he argues we’ve both been to France multiple times. I mean, true. But this is FRANCE AND AMERICA’S BABY! It’s totally different.

Needless to say, after much sulking on my side; I won. New Orleans has made it to the spreadsheet with an additional three days added to our trip. I worked it, I worked it hard. Plus the help of my counter argue of babies, house, NZ; we’re probably the most cash-rich now than we ever will be again! When the hell will we get to go to the US again?!

We’re planning to hit the North American continent in September/October (off season, which reduces our costs) so I’ll be sharing more details on this mammoth trip in due course.

Thank God Phil doesn’t read my blog. He’d not be impressed I was gloating about my win.

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