With our big North American adventure just 19 days away, I have been scouring the Internet and shops for must needed travel items. Neither Phil or I have been on a trip over two weeks for a very long time, and the last one we did was to New Zealand to see my family – so that doesn’t really count.

We shouldn’t really need too many ‘travel items’ as we don’t have children, but I am a sucker for an “essential item” and I love shopping. Phil had a hernia when I emailed him about this at work. But so far I have:

  • An International Travel Charger. An absolute fucking necessity if you ask me. How else will we charge all our technology apparatuses? We can’t possibly return from North America with any less than 4,656 selfies to share with our nearest and dearest.
  • 7 packing cubes and laundry bags. We (mostly I) have decided that taking one big backpack and two small ones (for inflight mode) will be easiest for getting around, rather than clunky suitcases. This means all of our clothes will be smooshed in together. Cue the space and wrinkle arguments. Phil is a stickler for a properly folded t-shirt. I’m more of the squish-it-til-it-fits kinda gal. I think it would be safer to be in charge of our own little compartments.
  • A set of Travel Perfume Bottles. These will reduce the weight in the backpack, be allowed in carry on and keep us smelling superb. Win, win, win!
  • For notes on where we’ve been and what we’ve seen I think a small travel journal to keep track is in order. It’s all well and good taking a photo and trying to remember everything. But a pen and paper lets you record the smells, the noises and the colours surrounding you when you take that first bite into your very first beignet.
  • A luxurious neck pillow. I’ll admit I was utterly sucked in on this one. I’ve had neck pillows in the past – but they were budget and crap. Often filled with the little beads and with a shiny fabric, they slip out from around your neck mid-nap and you wake up with an aching neck.  I decided I deserve better this time, especially with two flights over seven hours. I wasn’t going to risk it.
  • Lastly I have downloaded more books on my Kindle than I could ever dream to get through while travelling for three weeks. Who knows what kind of ancient telly shows and movies they are going to have on the plane? I need book back ups. Already downloaded and ready to go I have the below four, I know I won’t get through them all. But I like choices.


Let me know if you have any tips or tricks that have worked wonders while preparing and packing to travel. I’m open to all ideas!

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