This was my outfit description I gave to my good friend, Eileen, on my way to meet her for our Saturday of adventure. We had booked brunch and a free meditation class that Eileen had heard about from Lululemon, so the plan was to rock some casual yoga pants and black trainers, with a top, scarf, coat and shades for a hint of celeb style. If you’ve been reading up about Meghan and Prince Harry – you’ll notice the paps seem to only get her when she’s in her yoga pants on the way to a class.

First up we hit the Highbury and Islington high street to have brunch at Sunday, a quaint, small cafe in north London. It’s that trendy, one must queue. I was able to mix up the menu slightly to get myself a dish that was 100% Whole 30. Swapping out the sourdough bread for bacon and asking for no parmesan. I actually think you end up better off when you ask for no toast/bread, as my pile of mushrooms was HUGE. Win! Eileen went for the scrummy looking corn fritters with salmon, and neither meal disappointed.

Brunching at Sunday. I had the spinach, egg, rocket, mushrooms and bacon.

After brunch we popped to Aesop as I needed to upgrade my skin care and after going the week before Eileen couldn’t stop raving about her local store where the staff love to give out freebies. I ended up splurging a bit, on a new cleanser, toner and moisturiser. I have dry skin, so after some assistance and testers with the staff I settled on these three:

I used to use a toner everyday, back when I was a teenager and my mum insisted. Since then I had got slack and dropped that step, instead favouring an extra five minutes in bed in the morning. BUT I have to admit I am now a toner convert. After using the toner for just three days I feel it’s already making a positive difference. Especially the fact it acts like a barrier on your freshly cleaned skin, so while your moisturiser helps to add moisture back to your skin, the toner stops your pores clogging and keeps your skin looking clean. I love it.

After a bit of retail therapy we hit the new Lululemon store on Regent Street for our Meditation Om the Move pop up session. Eileen had heard about this pop up via social media and we both signed up for the free event last week. I’ve never done meditation before and had no idea what to expect, but being a half hour session it was worth a try. The session was run by Jason Pooley who has a yoga studio in Putney. He was amazing and I felt right at ease. We went up to the top floor of the double decker bus, sat down and popped on some headphones to hear Jason speaking. We practised our breathing and he debunked the myths of meditation. Being a newbie, I had always thought the idea was to clear your mind or all thoughts. But no, the idea is to focus your thoughts. We all came up with our own personal mantras for the year, which we would come back to focussing on throughout the session. My mantra:

I choose to be healthier.


That’s it. Simple. And doable. I was absolutely inspired by the class. While I’m not going to sign up to a course or weekly meditation class, I am going to keep the lessons learnt in mind and maybe take 20 minutes out of my day or week when everything is becoming too much. It was lovely to completely switch off, even though just for 20 minutes.

The Om the Move bus on Regent Street, London

Afterwards we got to help ourselves to a bunch of vegetable/fruit juices and (dairy & gluten free) protein bars, which I was extremely excited about as most were coconut based which meant I could eat them on Whole 30. I for one, LOVE a goodie bag so filled that sucker up to the top.

While in the area we decided to go for a stroll through Carnaby Street and picked ourselves up a Joe & The Juice (I know, we just got a whole bunch of free juices) to re-hydrate. It was literally the best day. Lots of walking, meditation, healthy eating and fresh juice – all brilliant for my mantra for 2017.

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