For as long as I can remember Jamie Oliver has been my celeb crush. His cheeky charm won me over instantly. From back in 1999, I watched him in The Naked Chef in complete adoration. He got me hooked on the British male, that accent. I knew I’d end up with a British man. My family and friends all know about my love of Jamie – I have his books, his cutlery and have even nicked a few serviettes from his restaurant. I even based my Come Dine With Me night on him!

After Phil and I both filled in the long application form and each had a phone interview with one of Jamie’s team – to make sure we weren’t complete nutters – we passed and were emailed our date!

On September 5th, we are guest diners on the fifth series of Jamie & Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast. Not only do we have the chance to be on telly, eat food cooked by Jamie Oliver, but we also get to meet Jamie, Jimmy and whoever the celebrity guest may be. I’m mostly excited about Jamie and not all too fussed about the guest. As the filming is in Southend-on-Sea – we also get a quick jaunt to Essex!

Now the mad panic ensues, of what does one wear to meet their celebrity crush on the day of their television debut?! SO MUCH PRESSURE.

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