It’s week four and we are currently camping in our new apartment in Sydney. Sleeping on airbeds, eating a picnic dinner on the floor and watching our brand new washing machine complete it’s cycle – this is our life now.

I have to write this blog post from our local library because not only is it the most beautiful and tranquil place I’ve been, it also has fast WiFi. We’re still waiting for ours to be installed. Phil spoke to the provider on Wednesday and they said they’d have an update for us in three days. “What will happen in three days?” he asked. They didn’t know. They just rang to tell us they couldn’t update us now. Plus, they’re upgrading all their modems, so ours is approximately two weeks away and nothing can be done until it arrives at our place, but the technician is free to come out on Tuesday, would that suit us? WTF?! Could the technician not bring the modem with him?! Honestly I thought the UK was bad – but no, idiotism is a worldwide battle we face.

Every day last week I have had to battle our relocation company, who just keep blaming Customs. Ooooh, big bad Aussie Customs. I think they think it will stop me harassing them, or Customs, but no, give me Dennis in Custom’s direct line – I’ll ring him and sort it.

Apart form the camping and being cut off from the world (via the Internet), Sydney is beautiful. The sun shines EVERY day and the people are so friendly. The café and bar scene are top notch and I don’t think we’ll run out of places to eat. I still don’t have a clue what I’m doing in my job, so I’m at that cushy-expectation-less stage where no one asks you what you’re doing or when you’ll be done with some assignment. They can all just get on with their day while the new girl reads training guides and looks up endless books to reserve in her online library category (true story). It’s all about looking busy, I feel.

Our upgraded airbed is due to be delivered this week… we could be going from camping to glamping. Bring it on home, Dennis (real name not used)!


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