After our Christmas jaunt to Chorley, Phil and I were back down to London for two nights (and one sodding day at work) before starting our journey to Salzburg, via Munich on December 29th, where already 12 of our friends were preparing for New Years celebrations. We went via Munich because it worked out half the cost, in hindsight the extra hours and hassle with trains probably outweigh the cost we saved – but that’s the best thing about hindsight, it’s always too late.

We were up at 7.30am Thursday morning to head to the airport to catch an early afternoon flight to Munich. As mentioned in a prior post, poor Phil was riddled with man flu, so bad I think he was on the verge of not coming – but he’s such a goodun he didn’t want to put a dampener on the trip for me. Once on the flight we both relaxed and settled into a very quick nap before arriving in Munich at 4pm. We made our way to the train station that would take us to Salzburg and found a cozy German pub for a beer and Phil’s first taste of schnitzel. He wasn’t impressed. I loved mine, smothered in mushrooms and bacon. My feasting and scoffing habits still very much in place from Christmas.


After some confusion on the train to Munich in which it didn’t read out the station stops so you had no bloody clue where you were, we made it to Salzburg (thankfully we picked up “Salzburg” in the German announcements). Up the hill in a taxi (it was dark and we’d been travelling for eight hours) to the spacious 5000 sq ft villa we had rented for the week.

The villa! Affectionately known as the pink mansion.

On day one a few of us had booked to go on the Sound of Music tour. The Sound of Music has long been my favourite film and the tour did not disappoint. Phil said I was beaming while singing the whole time on the bus. We saw the sights of the houses, mountains, abbey, church and the picturesque gardens where they sang Do Re Mi. The company were brilliant with their facts, sorting the locations and ensuring you had enough time at every stop – I definitely recommend them if you’re keen to discover the magic.

While in Salzburg we also went up to the Salzburg Castle, Hohensalzburg Castle, and enjoyed the view looking down to the city while sipping mulled wine with rum, as well as exploring the museum-like rooms inside. Afterwards we popped to a beer hall on the other side of town where the beer is brewed by monks high in the hills. By day three Phil still wasn’t getting any better so we had a lay in and spent the day relaxing around the pink mansion.

For New Years Eve we concocted a bunch of cocktails and acquired eight bottles of prosecco, turned up the music in the pink mansion and had ourselves an old school house mansion party with drinking games to boot. It was brilliant, and one of the best New Years I’ve had in ages. We watched fireworks from the deck being let off around the city and from atop the castle in the distance. We sang and danced and rang in 2017 in high spirits.

I have to say I was impressed by the food in Salzburg, I was expecting it to be a lot stodgier like the food in Prague. But there was variety and delicious food everywhere. Prior to going to Austria, I’ll admit it was only on my list to see due to the Sound of Music, but once there I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful and remarkable it was. Everything was very accessible and it wasn’t too pricey! If it’s been a maybe for you, I urge you to go!

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