Crispy, crumbed chicken has long been a firm favourite of mine. So as soon as I nailed the paleo mayonnaise I decided I needed something scrumptious to dunk in it, and what goes better than crispy chicken and creamy mayo?!

I had tried making paleo mayo once before but failed miserably when the ingredients didn’t emulsify. On my second attempt, following Michelle’s strict instructions and recipe I had huge success! Phil is a huge mayo fan so was over the moon. You can find the recipe at the above link.

For the chicken, check it out below:

mayo, baby!

It’s so easy to make crispy, crumbed chicken: I use skinless chicken breasts, and slice them up reasonably chunky (too thin makes far more work). First dunk the chicken pieces in egg, then coat in the almond flour which has been seasoned with Tuscan/Italian/rosemary/ any herb of your choice and salt and pepper.

get in there

Lightly fry the pieces in a pan with coconut oil until golden brown.

I served our chicken with broccoli and sweet potato fries – another favourite that enjoys being dunked in mayo!

For this meal I put mayo in two different jars and added some chopped chilli to one to give that extra kick for myself. Amazingly, since we had this mayo on Monday night I thought I’d be trying to tuck into it every day and have to restrain myself, but I haven’t touched it since that night!

It’s all about balance.

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