I’ve only gone and signed up to a gym. I know. After my boyfriend picked himself back up off the floor he high-fived me and slapped my ass.

This morning I went in for my first glimpse and tester of the gym. My personal trainer* (PT) Peter, affectionately known as PT Pete, took me around all the machines and weight area explaining and demonstrating my program. I didn’t do the full program today, which in total takes an hour, instead we did a shortened version in 40 minutes (I had to get to work, boo!). The full hour is going to be tough (the 40 minutes was tough!!) but if it was easy we’d all look like Gisele Bundchen. Goddess. (Hers is totally down to genetics though).

For years I’ve dieted and tried to maintain a healthy intake food-wise. However, apart from when I played interclub tennis and trained for a goddamn half marathon, I have never maintained any regular exercise. I want exercise to be a part of my normal week, not a chore I do every so often and then flake on it when I’m too busy or tired. I used to be a lot fitter and the energy and happy hormones I exuded kept me pumped all week! The gym and I have not been firm friends in the past, as I’ve always preferred outdoors exercise. However in the UK with the limited warm weather, I need to change my view on this. Going to the gym can be a great outlet and I just need to stop making excuses.

So, I have proposed to PT Pete (and myself) that I will work out three times a week. This could be a mix of the gym, swimming or a class. I’m definitely keen for a yoga class each week so that’s already knocked one of my workouts per week off the list!

Apart from the obvious greatness of getting fit and tightening up my bum and tum – I have joined the gym on a referral from my doctor. Because my BMI is high (let’s not share numbers) I am able to join the gym for a fraction of the cost (£13/month instead of £56/month). So if you’re in the UK and feel like you could benefit from this – ASK your doctor!

Of course, the next best bit is now I get to buy more workout gear. Hell yeah – all the gear and no idea.

*I don’t have an actual personal trainer (I’m not made of money!), he’s just there and checks in with me every 4-6 weeks on my progress. Which is great, as there’s accountability and I can’t just not turn up!

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