Last night tucked up in bed, Phil tells me he’s been looking at tickets for the Royal Marines Band performing at the Royal Albert Hall and that we should go AGAIN. He loves these guys – the drummers. No idea what his fascination with them is – but they’re his thing. We’ve been twice, that’s enough for me – they’re no Adele.

Then he insulted my nether regions…

Me: Oh I think I’m too busy.

Him: Busy with what? You don’t even know when it is.

Me: I’ll be busy trimming my pubes.

Him: Well that will take you three days, but after that you should be free.

Me: No, it’s going to take me all year, plucking one at a time.

Needless to say, I won. He had the best comeback, but I’m not sitting through another three hour stint of men marching and banging on drums to the SAME SONGS AS LAST TIME.

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