At the start of the year I set myself the goal for 2018 to be the year of the cleanse, encompassing mind, body and soul. As part of my progress I think it’s important to check in periodically to see that I’m on track.

It’s been six full weeks (I can’t even say gruelling, because it hasn’t been tough, I’ve just kept plodding and made sure I’ve been prepared and the house has been snack-free) of hitting the gym, eating clean (no processed food, no added sugar, no alcohol and no dairy) and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

I think it’s the best Whole30 I have ever experienced. It must have been the addition of the gym, which I hadn’t done previously, because I had told myself I’d be too weak and not be able to handle working out. I’m sorry, but what a crock of shit. I was just making excuses. Eating Whole30 isn’t starving yourself, I eat lots! In fact I need to work on portion control next, but it’s very easy to do while hitting the gym multiple times a week. By the end of week six I have lost 8kgs (17.6lbs) and noticeably slimmed down.

My progress so far: photo on the left taken on January 26th and on the right on February 11th.

I posted the above ‘before and after’ (except it’s not AFTER, because I’m not yet finished) photo to Instagram over the weekend and received an overwhelming response.

When taking the photo in the gym (I don’t have a floor length mirror at home) I had rushed it, because everyone looks at you taking a selfie, and you instantly feel self- conscious and I never thought the difference would show as much as it did until I put the two photos next to eachother. These were taken two weeks apart, which blows my mind, because it’s not that I lost that much weight in two weeks – simply that my six weeks of sugar-free and gym sessions took my body a little longer to catch up and realise this was the new “normal”. This body isn’t going to be rewarded with sugar anymore or absorb a bottle of Malbec just because I had a crappy day. The whole process has been a re-think in mind as well as a restart for my body.

You weren’t born wanting processed food. You were taught to want it. You learned it. You can unlearn it.

I am currently drafting a post around the Korean skincare regime that my friend Emily introduced me to. This will be the next layer of taking better care of myself. After all, you only get one face!


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