It’s hard to believe our little flat in Balham will soon be empty and that we literally have 3.5 days left in London. At the moment it’s chaotic with the moving team coming on Thursday to pack every wine glass, picture frame and London memory. It makes me super emotional when I think about it too much. So many friends never thought we’d set a date or finally make the move south. We had tried and failed twice. Then everyone resigned themselves to the idea it wouldn’t happen (except my mum, she’s held on to the dream of us moving to NZ for ever) and BAM. We made it happen. In the space of 6 weeks.

I’m off work this week, while Phil slaves away in his final week, so I am supposed to be throwing out any shoes or clothes I no longer need. Instead I’m in my pjs, eating leftover Easter eggs and watching Married at First Sight Australia. Procrastination has always been my key strength.

The only real stress playing on our mind is the fact we’ve not managed to find replacement tenants to rent out our flat yet. Our property managers have been having viewings and so have we, but still no luck. I thought properties in London were snapped up overnight!! Not in our case. Bloody frustrating. It would not be ideal to be paying rent in both countries for the next 6 months.

This being said, if this tough luck means that we get good juju and super positive luck in Sydney and find the place of our dreams – then bring it on!

More than anything now, I just can’t wait to get there and get started on our Sydney life. We already have friend’s visiting in both April and May (not just to see us) which we’re thoroughly looking forward to it. Friday is going to come so quickly and I know I will be an emotional mess. Not planning on wearing make up at all this week. Too hard.

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