y Mum taught me early on that good skincare took effort and time. We would go through the motions in the morning to cleanse, tone and moisturise through my tweens and teen years. I carried it on for years, until I decided that the toner was drying out my already dry skin. It turns out it wasn’t the toner, it was the products I was using, the same ones as when I was a teen that didn’t give me the same results in my 20s. I got lazy on skincare, especially after moving to London with the harsh water here – I decided I’d never have soft, supple skin again. My skin routine became a sensitive face wash at night to take my make up off and either jojoba oil before bed, or a basic Nivea cream in the morning. I’d occasionally use a face mask or an exfoliating cream but that was only when I remembered.

My very good friend Emily first introduced me to the Korean skincare phenomenon, showing me her spectacular results. She has done her research so has helped with my many questions. The internet has also been a great source of knowledge. So I took the plunge and started furiously reading, researching and ordering products from the UK and even Korea to suit my skin type. Phil was perplexed as package after package started arriving. By the sixth package he asked what was going on and I explained the 10-step process to which he rolled his eyes. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve always been impulsive or it’s my deep rooted love of shopping, or the fact I trust Em’s word implicitly, but I didn’t question the products, steps or process – I just jumped on in and bought EVERYTHING.

I have read a few blogs where people have documented their progress because it’s good to see how your skin is changing. So I have taken some before photos without make up to show my skin; spotty and a bit of rosacea on my cheeks.

Day one: pre-K-Beauty (February 4th, 2018)

I typically have dry skin, so have picked the below products for my 10 steps based on what I’ve read online. I have introduced these products over the past three weeks, not all at once. Even still, I am only using the BHA and AHA treatments twice a week (in the evening) but in March I will up the frequency to every evening.


Step 1: Oil cleanse – Banila Clean It Zero

Step 2: Foam cleanse – Benton Honest Cleansing Foam

Step 3: ExfoliatorI have not added an exfoliator yet, I will in March

Step 4: Toner – Tony Moly Wonder Rise Smoothing Toner

Step 5: Treatments – Corsx AHA Whitehead Power + Corsx BHA Blackhead Power


Step 6: Serum/Ampoule – Propolis Sparkle Ampoule

Step 7: Masks – Face sheets – these have changed my life. Absolute game changer.

Step 8: Eye CreamErborian Seve de Bamboo Eye matte (after three days of non-stop itchy eyes I have removed this product and am now looking for a new eye cream)

Step 9: Moisturiser – Lagom Cellus Deep Moisture Cream

Step 10: Sunscreen – Tony Moly My Sunny Watery Essence SPF50

Emily also suggested a night face and lip mask that I’m now utterly obsessed with and love going to sleep in; Laneige Water Sleeping & Lip Sleeping masks.


I am already seeing and feeling changes in my skin. The light layers of products makes sense to me now – I used to think a thick mosituriser overnight would give me great results, but it won’t. You need the different components of each product for clean and glowing skin. I have had a couple of reactions to products, like above I mentioned the eye cream gave me the itchiest eyes and drove me mental, so I stopped using it. I have also got a bit of red dry skin in the right crease of my nose, but that could also be due to the sub-zero temperatures we’re experiencing here in London.

Next week, after it’s been a full month of using the 10 step skincare regime I will post an updated photo to see the results. I caught up with friends on the weekend and they said I was glowing – so fingers crossed it’s skin deep!

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