In the last few days I have felt like Leo aboard that giant steamer – full of spunk and excitement. This is the gym’s fault. I know Phil is probably sick of listening when I tell him about every minute and every stretch of my workout and how my muscles are aching and how good I feel. One thing he’s not sick of; our sex life. HELLO! That has definitely stepped up a notch since I got all energised and loving of exercise. I feel like I’m 20-odd again and full of vitality! Why didn’t I do this sooner?

In usual Bron fashion, I splurged on the weekend on new workout gear (one needs to look as good as possible, plus its a confidence booster!), a new workout album and special arm band to hold my phone. It worked people, I looked the part and was rearing to go.

I’m off to the gym again tonight as Phil is out with mates for a birthday dinner. Continuing with the art of being prepared, yesterday I whipped up a paleo/whole30 butternut squash soup with bacon, smoked paprika and Brussels sprouts. This means tonight I can go straight to work out and then home to heat up my pre-prepared dinner plus a couple of boiled eggs if I’m hungry. Winning.

I will get on to posting before and after photos, because I think those are important for progress and accountability. However not yet, as they would currently look like before and before 2.0. Watch this space.

Of course we all know Leo’s fate, but my metaphorical iceberg is more in the shape of a bottle of Malbec sitting atop a giant, creamy chocolate bar. These things I am avidly avoiding to stay on track, because right now how I feel is so much better than those two taste. Seriously.


3 thoughts on “I’m the King of the world!”

    1. Oh I’m taking them – eyesores! And PT Pete has taken my measurements and will do so every 6-8 weeks, it’s so handy to have him!

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