*maybe, or potentially in the next eight to 10 years, when Phil *ahem* asks me. Let me explain…

Over the weekend I received an email from my dad saying he and my stepmum have planned a trip to London in September! Excitement! It will be so lovely to have them here and show them around and take them to our favourite spots. However it was the second paragraph of the email that caught my eye, where my dad stated he would like us to go up to Chorley to meet all of Phil’s family.

I immediately cornered Phil: DID YOU CONTACT MY DAD AND ASK FOR MY HAND?!
Phil: *look of shock: like I just told him I bought us a pet pig off Amazon* What?!
Me: My dad is coming to London and has requested we take them to meet all of your family!
Phil: Good God, woman. Don’t get your hopes up.

My hopes are high, buddy. I think he’s just brushing it off because my dad blew the surprise. But I need to keep it in check in case it’s nothing and I work myself into a frenzy. Phil knows I want to marry him and have babies with him – we talk about it all the time. We’ve even named them! I’m so lucky to have a man who lets me bring out my inner crazy and doesn’t run a mile. Just last week I sent him a text with a name idea… he wasn’t keen. I’ll keep it as a maybe, just in case he changes his mind, or I go full blown hormonal while pregnant and overrule him.






















If we’re not getting engaged, at least we get to enjoy the magical awkwardness of when the in-laws meet the in-laws. Kill me now, or at least before September.

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