It’s been too long since I last wrote. But boy did that festive season fly by. Except for the part where I still had to turn up to the office. Rough. It was the first Christmas I have worked in three years! While there was basically no work to do and I received a sum total of 12 emails – the importance was the fact that I was there, in body. My mind and soul were still chilling in my comfy loungewear and drowned in Christmas spirit(s).

Rather than setting myself resolutions, this year, 2018,  I have decided will be a mind, body and soul cleanse year. I started by adding a bunch of what I would call mindful books to my reading list, which are ones I don’t normally go for, (I go weak at the knees over a historical romance) including – but not limited to:

Not only am I cleansing my mind with books, Phil and I have kicked off January with another round of Whole30 to cleanse our bodies. We started on the second, so today is day nine. After the amount of chocolate we ate in December, I think a record breaking amount, Phil and I were gasping for a detox. We literally threw chocolate in the bin, that’s how much we’d overindulged ourselves. Nine days without sugar and I feel a million bucks! I know the Tiger Blood phase shouldn’t kick in for another week or so but somehow mine has come early. I seriously thought I would have the biggest sugar-hangover this time, just because of how much I ruined my body in December.

The first thing I always notice about my body on Whole30, is that my bloated stomach disappears. It literally flattens up in a few days. Of course, this is not to be mistaken for weight loss, it just comes down to the fact that while on Whole30 I focus on drinking three litres of water a day and my food intake is much better for me that it just rights itself.

Saturday we hit the gym for the first time in five weeks. Dear God. It hurt. The aching lasted for days afterwards. But it’s that good ache, the one that gym buffs crave. So we’re back into it now that the plaster has been firmly ripped off. One thing I really struggle with is music at the gym. What to listen to? I have Spotify but all the lists I’ve found on there are crap. It’s all dance/rave/hardcore music. I want up-beat pop that I can sing to in my head while the cross trainer kills my thighs and I want to die. Up-beat pop keeps me positive. I need suggestions, please!

On Sunday we had our friend Richard over for brunch. This is the soul part of my year. Spending time with friends, making the effort and saying yes to as many things that make me happy as possible (without crossing over that narrow line of being too busy and as a result, exhausted). For our brunch date I whipped up a Whole30 salmon and asparagus frittata – a new firm favourite. I have posted the “recipe” on my Instagram (and Pinterest). I say “recipe” because, I’m not sure you really need one. It’s kind of just throwing together some flavours that you like and hoping you’ve not added too many eggs so that it actually sets in the oven. I love a runny egg yolk, but not a pie dish sized one. Gag.

Just nine weeks until the wedding! I am focussed. I’m even contemplating pushing this out to a Whole60 – something I have NEVER done. But you know what, 2018 needs a new challenge.

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    1. Thank you! I’m thinking of starting a separate Instagram which is fully dedicated to Whole30. With more in-depth recipes and ways to beat the sugar cravings!

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