This Saturday was Guy Fawkes – we had friends over for dinner before heading out to watch fireworks near us. Because we’re still eating Whole 30, I offered to cook (takes away all temptation to be naughty) my Thai green curry recipe with cauliflower rice. I had offered to make normal boiled rice for my buds, but they were keen to try it with cauliflower rice – they thoroughly enjoyed!

After dinner we headed out for the fireworks, and even had fun with our own sparklers. Forever a child inside!


It was absolutely freezing outside so after our fireworks and sparkler fun we came home to a Cardomom and sea salt ganache tart I had whipped up earlier from Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar cookbook. A slice of tart and a hot cup of tea was just what everyone was after and it went down a treat. It just shows, with a little bit of effort you can still cook for a dinner party/group of friends who may be sceptical of your Whole 30 eating plan – but wow them with the outcome.


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