There has been a new buzzword thrown around in recent months (actually, years, I’m just behind): Hygge (pronounced heu-gah). The art of building a sanctuary of happiness and wellbeing. We are in a fast paced world where we can often forget to stop and “smell the roses”, but this Danish concept of taking genuine pleasure in relaxing and being cosy, in my opinion, could never go too far. You can find and create this in your everyday; whether its lighting a candle as you curl up on the sofa to read your new book, a glass of mulled wine in front of the fire, relaxing in your favourite armchair listening to your treasured music collection. These are all brilliant examples of creating yourself a warm atmosphere and taking time to breathe and be in the moment.

Christmas and winter brings about a great opportunity to slap on your hygge-training-wheels! All the beautiful twinkling lights, the cosy nights in around the fire, the warm winter bed socks and flannel pyjamas with a warm hot chocolate in your hand.  Staying in and watching telly is now chic.  I for one, love the idea that staying in and watching Netflix by candlelight is now on trend. When it’s dark and cold out and your mates want you to go out and party like you’re still 25, you can tell them: no, it’s hygge time. Time to sit on the sofa in your animal-of-choice-onesie surrounded by candles and baked goods while you watch every Audrey Hepburn film ever made. I think I just wrote the plan to my Saturday night.

There are many websites and books dedicated to the art of Hygge, I am on the hunt for more information on this and keen to read a few books. Two websites I particularly liked were Louisa‘s and Kayleigh‘s dedicated blogs. Moving forward I plan to book in at least two hours of personal hygge time per week, or more if I can manage it. I just worry that I might get too into it and then never want to leave my house, but at least I’ll be calm and relaxed.

What’s your take on the Danish concept? Do you make a conscious effort to switch off and wrap yourself up in a safe and comforting atmosphere with friends and family?

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