What a year. Where did it go? I’m wracking my brain on what happened this year but I can’t remember what I did in March or May or June. It all becomes a blur when you’re old and were previously drinking most days of the week.

For me, I am thrilled to finally have my love life on track. This year finally cemented my happiness with Phil. Everyone saw it and deep down we both knew it, it just took us a couple of shots to get the timing right. I was always sceptical when people had the excuses of “oh, it was just bad timing“. Similarly when a man breaks up with you stating that he’s “just not in the right place“, but really you’re thinking it’s because you wouldn’t let him put his **** in your ***. But NO! Maybe he just wasn’t ready at the time. Phil and I proved this when we earlier this year (in January) managed to get on the same course after two previous attempts during our car crash courtships in 2013 and 2014, and I’m over the moon about it.

I’m completely besotted with my scrummy little niece, Pippa who arrived in November. She’s delicious and I cry every time I see a video or photo of her or I get to talk to her on Skype. I love being an aunty. It’s all fun with no responsibility. I’m dying for the chance to cuddle her, but unfortunately I have to wait a few more months.

This year also brought about my new job – Business Management. To be honest I think most of my career has been on a wing and a prayer. It’s a comfortable role, with a solid salary and I don’t have near the amount of pressures I did when I was in recruitment.

I’ve managed to get out and about, see the world and experience some great stuff;

  • Prague (Czech Republic)
  • Stornoway, Isle of Harris (Scotland)
  • Sorrento & Capri (Italy)
  • Pembrokeshire (Wales)
  • Chorley (Phil’s hometown in north England)
  • Reims, Champagne region (France)
  • Albufeira (Portugal)
  • Camping at Wilderness Festival in Oxfordshire
  • Afternoon tea with the Queen and Prince Philip at Buckingham Palace
  • Wimbledon on Centre Court
  • Henley Regatta boat race in Oxfordshire

Still with another trip to Chorley and a trip to Salzburg to go! I am spoilt! And I do love travelling…

More friends have arrived in London this year – so I’m excited to be able to catch up with them and even happier that I get to spend time with them.

I feel confident that I’ve smashed 2016. I’m sure some bad and unhappy stuff happened in 2016 – but somehow the good has overshadowed. I’ve been very lucky that anything that was bad in 2016, wasn’t significant and life changing. More that I just got stuck underground on the tube or my hairdresser cut my hair too short and I looked butch for a couple of weeks (mostly whenever I wore my beanie). But these are things that can be fixed, that go away and in five years time will not be remembered (unless she’s still cutting my hair too short). I’m excited for 2017, already in the works are a bunch of exciting plans and I’m so ready to get them started.

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