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Hearty beef, chorizo and tomato soup

When it’s 2*c outside there is nothing better than a hearty, comforting soup. Even better when the inspiration of flavours comes from your leftovers, including a Sunday roast and chorizo from a one pan dish the week before. From these flavours, a scrummy, Whole30 soup more »

1 Pan turkey & chorizo

This dish I found at The Wonky Spatula and edited it slightly due to what I had in the fridge. It has so much flavour, plus the best bit is it’s Whole30 approved (providing you source your chorizo properly).

Day 30.

Yesterday (day 29) I posted a photo of myself to Instagram showing my body and skin progress from Whole30 and got a flood of lovely messages. I mean, they’re my friends, they weren’t going to tell me I looked like a sack of potatoes even if more »

21 Whole30 breakfasts

As I’ve mentioned before, preparation is key to eating well and keeping your life in balance. Life is busy. I take time each week to plan out my meals – it soothes me. So for weekday mornings when I need to join the rat race more »

Whole30 halfway point

It’s day 16 in my January Whole30 and this week I have felt a bit of a slump in my energy, maybe that residual Christmas sugar is finally leaving my system? But I’m powering through, because the idea of stopping and having to start from scratch more »

“Creamy” chicken and vegetable soup

Sometimes we just want something a little bit naughty to eat. For me, my weakness is anything creamy or cheesy – both of which are not encouraged on Whole30. So when you can make a humble chicken soup creamy and comforting there’s nothing better.

Breakfast frittata

For me, preparation is key to my success on Whole30. One can’t be caught short when you get home from work and you have zero ideas for dinner, or worse, you have zero food for dinner. Before my weekly shop on the weekend I usually more »

Hello, January!

It’s been too long since I last wrote. But boy did that festive season fly by. Except for the part where I still had to turn up to the office. Rough. It was the first Christmas I have worked in three years! While there was basically no more »

Carb-free meatballs

Obviously, most meatball recipes are carb-free – but these ones are so satisfying and filling you don’t even need the spaghetti! Phil brought me back this bowl from Barcelona when he went to visit (we weren’t dating), but he knew of my passion for collecting more »