For the second time ever, I have been asked to be a bridesmaid. I know, I would have thought it would have been more frequent too – I’m killer at making lists.

I was Maid of Honour for my younger sister’s wedding in November 2013 which was absolutely magical, so I am beyond excited to get back in the mix again. My friend, Sam, sent me a beautiful surprise in the post (above) asking me to be her bridesmaid. I love her style. I actually had an inkling a few weeks back when she asked me for our new home address. I said “oh exciting, is it invite time?” She said, no, she had a birthday present to send me. I thought that was strange as my birthday was in June. I turned to Phil and exclaimed “SAM IS GOING TO ASK ME TO BE HER BRIDESMAID!”. Of course he told me to calm down and that it wasn’t guaranteed. I knew it was. I could feel it in my waters.

So we waited for the package.

And waited.

Each day was torture.

Would it be a pack of Tim Tams?

I told other friends here in London, “I’m totally going to be a bridesmaid in March.” Everyone was supportive, but secretly looked at me like a crazy person.

Then today. It happened. The parcel arrived and it wasn’t a pack of Tim Tams. It was so much better. A goodie bag and a request. Everyone knows I fucking love a goodie bag – but when it comes with a beautiful note to be involved in someone’s special day – then it’s something you cherish. I called Sam straight away and said YES and we ended up chatting all things wedding for over half an hour (while I was supposed to be working). But most things in life take priority over work.

Now I am just buzzing and struggling to concentrate on work – with so many exciting things on the horizon it’s tough to keep my work motivation in check. But alas, I must, because this bastard is what pays for my flitting trips and champagne lifestyle. Not really champagne, more prosecco.

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