I loved the idea of this book. It’s romantic but in a strong heroin ideal. The story follow Beryl, a young, strong minded girl (grown to woman) from England and moved to Kenya at a young age. It tells you of the struggle of young women in the 1920s and how little their options were, but how if you are determined you can push ahead not matter your gender. Set mostly in Kenya, Beryl spends time with well to do expat Aristocrats, and local Kenyans.

The book is about aviation coming about, but ultimately is about Beryl’s journey to find her passion in life. She ends up with all the wrong men and can not be tamed.

The only thing I disliked about the book was how much was focussed on horses – it does show you the insight to horse training and I guess you could say the strong willed horses she trains a metaphors for her own personality – but at times I felt there was too much.


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