Tomorrow marks my 34th (eeek!) birthday. I seriously have no clue when I got so old. But I do feel older, I’ll admit. On this eve, I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on the highs and lows of the past 12 months.

I think the two biggest highs for me were meeting my little niece, Pippa, and witnessing two of my favourite people get married; their love is infectious.

Our trip through Canada and the States was a huge high. So many amazing memories and places I never imagined I would ever see.

Another big thing that happened in the past 12 months was my change in job and our move to Sydney. So far it’s not been a high or technically a low overall. A change that we’re still knee deep in, testing the waters.

I am feeling low this week as we were supposed to be currently sunning ourselves in beautiful Sicily (a holiday dream we’ve both had for a few years), however we had to cancel the holiday to move to Australia (where it’s currently cold and won’t stop raining).

My biggest low  and personal lesson, would be the fact we kicked ass on Whole30 and attending the gym late last year and early this year, but then lost our mojo this March. We were totally in the zone. However with the move it all went out the window. So we now need to focus on getting back in the gym and quitting sugar once again.

I’m keeping it lowkey this birthday, just drinks and dinner with my lovely man. I’m looking forward to the next 12 months, we have some exciting things on the plans in the lead up to 35. It’s just daunted on me that next year I jump into a new box. Thirty-fucking-five.

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