The weekend before last Phil and I kicked off our 2017 travel by hitting Berlin for a three night stay and to see our favourite ginger singer, Ed Sheeran, live.

It would be my second trip to Berlin, and Phil’s first. I absolutely fell in love with the German capital the first time I went; the culture, the architecture, the history – it’s fascinating. In all honesty, we’d not planned a trip to Berlin, but as soon as we found out Ed Sheeran was playing, we knew it was a sign to add a live concert and a city break to one weekend. Plus he had sold out in London in minutes. Ed was, as always, magnificent live. He always puts on a tremendous show.

So that we didn’t just re-create my first trip we added in a few different activities. Over two days we visited; Brandenburg Gate (above), the beautiful parliament building, the Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, Alexanderplatz, Victory Column, The Holocaust Memorial and the Television Tower. One evening after a full day of sight seeing in the lovely hot sunshine and my complaining of sore legs and feet, we went to the Monkey Bar to sip cocktails and snack on roast nuts while watching the sunset. Watching the sunset on the aptly named Sunset Terrace at the Monkey Bar was an absolute highlight for me. Also the PEOPLE WATCHING. OMG, one couple was breaking up and then making up, another was just making out – literally EATING EACH OTHERS FACES. Young love… but this equals total fascination while slurping cocktails, with Phil rolling his eyes at me because I CAN’T KEEP OUT OF OTHER PEOPLE’S BUSINESS. It’s a bad habit I know, but it’s an addiction.

On our last day, before having to catch the train to the airport we thought we’d spend our last Euros checking out Berlin Zoo. I had heard SO MANY amazing things about Berlin Zoo and begged Phil, convincing it would be the best thing EVER – everyone has always raved about it. Ummm? Clearly, those people have never been to a proper zoo. It was tired, most of it under construction and it was seriously lacking in ANIMALS. What I was bloody there for! I was heartbroken. Thankfully my favourite friends, the gorillas, were there, so we hung with them for a bit. But, overall the place is rubbish. London and Auckland Zoos are far exceed it.

Berlin is extremely affordable – for three nights in a beautiful hotel, Ed Sheeran tickets, train tickets and spending money we only shelled out £400 for the two of us. If you haven’t been to Berlin, you should. It’s a beautiful, artsy city, with so much vibrancy and history. Just don’t bother with the zoo…


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