The biggest news to hit Britain this week: the Great British Bake Off sale. BBC have sold the rights to the show to Channel 4, a somewhat surprise given its success over the years. Turns out it’s not been a sale of choice, more that the production company in charge of GBBO pocketed themselves in the range of an extra £10 million.

I for one, am an avid Bake Off fan, having never missed an episode. The hosts, the innuendos and the soggy bottoms keep your drawn in. Also of course the nail biting moments when time is ticking down and 24 identical Cypriot flaoumas or a 30cm tall Bavarian clock tower made of shortbread must be completed and standing strong.

While Channel 4 insist they will work hard to keep the integrity of the show – will it be the same? Mel and Sue have stepped down from hosting, and Paul and Mary have walked away from judging. All four created the comfort and entertainment you want on a Wednesday evening, so the next team picking up the roles have big shoes to fill. There are rumours Jamie Oliver could pick up a spot on the new baking edition… no complaints from my side!

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