I firmly believe that if Adele and I got to hang out for a day we’d be firm friends for life. I adore her as much as she adores Beyoncé, plus sprinkles and a cherry on top.

Here’s eight reasons why Adele is my spirit animal:

  1. I respect her, no girl can be friends with a girl they don’t respect.
  2. She swears a lot. I swear a lot. And while she apologies about it on camera, I know she gives no fucks. I love swearing. Swear words are colourful adjectives that enhance all conversations. Plus all the intelligent people do it.
  3. We were are both massive Spice Girls fans.
  4. We have the same hair. We’re currently both rocking the lob, which frames our cherubic faces.
  5. We both have experience sharing our relationships publicly.
  6. I cried when she popped up through the stage at the O2, like ACTUAL tears. All she’d said was “Hello”. My boyfriend thought I’d lost the plot. I think it was just the complete excitement of seeing her live and also the realisation that I WAS seeing her live. Because after 21, when Adele took time to become a mama and I had just arrived in London I thought the chance to see her live was gone. BUT SHE CAME BACK! I like to think it’s was just for me…
  7. She’s visiting my hometown in little ol’ NZ. I’m gutted I won’t be there to sing along to Hometown Glory as the video flies over the beautiful City of Sails.
  8. I’m seeing her again at Wembley – so close I could almost hug her. Golden circle tickets, baby!

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