I recently found these little snippets of my old blog, missB (a nickname that has stuck around!) and had a wee giggle myself. While four years have gone by, I seriously haven’t changed. I still write and fret and agonise about the same things. It’s like I’m sitting in a damn rocking chair. Not much has changed; just that I’m not chasing the penis constantly and my own confidence and personal self-assurance has greatly increased. Not that I was ever a wallflower.

snapshots of my blogsnapshots of my blog

Unfortunately my missB blog is no more, but I am trying to locate the hundreds of entries I wrote of a number of years as I’m tempted to re-post some and others will assist in my book writing. Yes, I want to write a book, not about me, more fictional. However it may include some aspects of my past dating life. Friends have said it for years – a book must be done. My live tweeting of a real date in New Zealand back in 2011, before everyone did it. Gosh he was an awful date, but he made for great twitter entertainment.

I’m pleased I have stuck it out for 4.5 years (5 years in June!) in London, I’m just sad that I didn’t keep my blogging up to document all the ups and downs better. Clearly I was too busy scouring the city for boys and taking weekend breaks to Europe. So there are worse things I could have been doing.

Now that I’m old and happily settled down in love, I’m back into the blogging and letting you all read about my lame weekends cooking paleo food. No sugar around here! But seriously, it’s quite nice to see how your life can evolve, even if not dramatically, but just enough to let you know you’re happy with your life and regret nothing from your twenties.

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