Dear London,

I loved you from the day I first set foot in you. I knew I’d love you before I even arrived. But the time has come to move my life back south of the equator to Sydney, Australia.

These past six years living in you have been life changing for me. I’ve grown as a person and as an adult; I know who I am, I know what I believe in and I know for sure what I want. London, you have been such a massive part of my life.

So what have I learnt while exploring your magical surrounds?

  • That going out drinking on a Monday, Tuesday and/or Wednesday is totally acceptable and fully embraced. It’s not just a weekend sport.
  • Setting up a bank account in the UK takes at least three weeks and communication must all be sent via snail mail.
  • If a work acquaintance asks you “You alright?”, they don’t actually care about your wellbeing, they’re just acknowledging they’ve seen you. The British are polite, but not emotional.
  • You can wear a sheep onesie on the tube at 5pm and no-one judges. But God save you should you wear jandals (flip flops) anywhere in the city, even in the middle of summer. People here are confused and scared of seeing your toes.
  • Just because the sun is shining in the morning, it doesn’t mean you’re safe to leave your umbrella at home.
  • That if you want to change your career, you can move from Finance to Recruitment to Business Management and back to Finance. The opportunities are endless!
  • Weekend travel must be taken advantage of, and that you can totally see Prague, Edinburgh, Rome, Paris, Cork, Istanbul, Berlin, the Cotswolds and Marrakesh in a long weekend (separately of course, not all in one weekend!). Even though you’ll be constantly badgered by non-understanding colleagues; “where to this weekend? You’re always travelling!
  • When the tube goes down, you’re better off hiding under a duvet than attempting to get to work.
  • The afternoon tea round in the office is a way of life. Once you’re in the tea cycle, there’s no way out.
  • Even though the city is rich with history, there’s something brand new to do every day. It’s a city you could never get bored of living in.

Best of all, I met the man of my dreams and fell in love here and I get to take him with his beautiful, kind soul and gorgeous Lancashire accent back to the southern hemisphere. I get to show him off and we get to start a whole new chapter together in a city that’s brand new to the both of us. It’s bloody exciting. Having him come with me means I will forever have a tiny piece of your magic, as well as an excuse to come back.

With much affection,
Bronnie xx

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