We’re supposed to be saving for the future ~ for little fingers and toes. But instead, we’re planning our travel and holiday plans for 2018. I think we both know it could be our last “escape” year so we want to make sure we tick a few boxes. It doesn’t help that Phil caught the travel bug only recently. No joke, when I first met him (six years ago) he told me he would never leave the UK, why would he need to?! They have everything you could ever want to see, do or eat right here. Let’s just say, that with a couple of trips to Europe, NZ and now North America under our belt – he’s singing a very different tune.

Our first trip is a two-week jaunt to New Zealand in March for the wedding of the year. While we’re there we will be spending time with my family as well as seeing some parts of the country that Phil hasn’t yet seen including Waiheke Island and Tauranga/Mt Maunganui. I am counting down the days!

In June first up we have a weekend in Blackpool under the dazzling lights to see Jane McDonald live at the Blackpool Opera House. Phil got me these tickets for Christmas – partly for the laughs and partly because I adore Jane. I didn’t know who she was (a singer) until we started watching Cruising With Jane McDonald, but now I can’t get enough of her! I find her hilarious. She’s also got a wicked sense of humour and wit and makes me want to go on a cruise ASAP. One thing I never thought I’d be interested prior to her show…

Our second trip in June is eight sun-filled days in Taormina, Sicily, which has been on our list for years, literally. We’ve booked a hotel with a pool and a beach and plan to relax and eat Italian food and sightsee. Bring on the olives and the vitamin D!

Now, Phil is trying to add in yet another trip to North America in September/October. Yes, same time we went last year. One of my best friends is moving to Toronto in August this year and we thought it a perfect excuse to pop over the pond, as we absolutely adored Toronto. In addition to this, we became somewhat obsessed with the Yankees who are playing in Boston in September. We didn’t make it to Boston last time but have heard so many amazing things we thought we could tie in a trip there and Toronto at the same time. It would be shorter than our last trip – well maybe – because I am also trying to convince Phil we should go somewhere else in Canada while we’re there, perhaps Montreal or Ottawa?

I’d also like to head up to Inverness in the Scottish Highlands. We have been up to the Isle of Harris, which technically is above the Highlands,  included in the Scottish Hebrides. It’s absolutely beautiful and I want to see more of that area.

We haven’t won lotto, just want to make sure we pack in as many trips now as possible. Once we move south and have a family the cash flow will dry up considerably. Although, true story, today I did Google “what are the luckiest lotto numbers?”, because EuroMillions has a jackpot of £71 million tonight and I’d be pretty keen for a chunk all of that.

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