Month: November 2017

New Orleans, day 13-16

After clean cut, prim and proper Washington DC, we were ready to get down and dirty in Louisiana’s best known city; New Orleans. The first thing you notice (after the smell, seriously, what is that?!) is the beautiful, quaint buildings. The architecture in the French more »

No pressure, no diamonds.

I strive under pressure. I remember being in university and people saying this to me. I thought to myself, sure, that sounds convincing and like a really great line – but what does it even mean?! Fast forward a decade and I get it. When more »

Hair on toes

I ask you: what’s it’s purpose? Some say it shows you have great blood circulation – the fact you can grow hair all the way down at the bottom tip of your body. Well whoopee do. I find it more an annoyance than a miracle.

It’s all about size

The size of my 2017 Christmas tree. Now that we’re in our own plush pad – it’s not really plush, visually, it’s plush because we don’t have to share it with assholes – we’re investing in our own long-lasting (fake) festive tree. Back and forward more »

Washington DC, day 11-12

We headed to Washington DC for a quick two day jaunt, on a train travelling through Philadelphia – it was great to get a glimpse and so nice to avoid the airport. I’d recommend a train over a plane wherever possible (and if the length more »