Sex post coming up, look away now if it’s not your cup of tea. Mum, if you read my blog, don’t click below.

You’ve been warned.

If someone had told me years ago that regular workouts improved your sex life, I would have been a gym nut from forever ago. I was already very happy with mine and Phil’s sex life but with my recent increase in fitness and all my muscles tightening and toning. HELLO. Fast forward to last night when he asked me to sit on his face; this request was a first for me, sure men have gone downtown, but I’ve never been requested a face seat. I think purely because of their fear of being smothered by my sizeable ass. But alas, no one was smothered and I was extremely, fucking happy with the outcome.

Furthermore, all those squats I’ve been doing have absolutely worked a treat on the whole lady-area tightening. I am in awe of the human body right now. The way things can change in a matter of weeks. Plus just having increased fitness makes the whole sexual experience that much more amazing. Far less starfish time, more jumping around the room. Just kidding, we don’t bounce off the walls. Like in those trashy magazines we all read, where they tell you different poses to try, and really all normal/average people are thinking “that’s hot, but how the hell would I get my hand up there or my toe to bend at that angle?” Some of them are so far fetched, but it’s nice to consider them and try when drunk on tequila.

Seriously though, body confidence is a big thing when it comes to intimacy and sex. A lot of, if not most, women have parts of their body they don’t love, I know I do. But working on those bits that I don’t like has boosted my confidence tenfold. I text a good girlfriend of mine a few weeks back saying that Phil and I had had an amazing night *wink wink*, I told her I thought it was 20% Phil, and 80% my own body confidence. She messaged back straight away in amusement and agreed it must have totally been me.

I know that Phil is sick of hearing about my healthy food ideas or how my muscles burn – but at least he’s rewarded with a more active sex life to keep him from losing it over yet another fish and salad dinner, when he’d rather have a burger and chips.

2 thoughts on “Working out = better sex”

  1. I love the honesty! I think crazy, “bouncing off the walls” sex is romanticized a little too much in popular culture. Having said that, it’s nice not to be limited by what your body can and can’t do. EVERY session doesn’t have to be a feat of strength or agility, but it’s also fun to dabble every once in awhile. I’m so glad that your fitness journey is paying unexpected dividends!

    1. I couldn’t agree more! Every session doesn’t need to be of Olympic level escapade! But I can definitely say it’s a reason to push myself to go to the gym…

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