It’s day 16 in my January Whole30 and this week I have felt a bit of a slump in my energy, maybe that residual Christmas sugar is finally leaving my system? But I’m powering through, because the idea of stopping and having to start from scratch does not appeal.

This week to make sure I stay focussed I have started my Instagram account @whole30bible to inspire myself and hopefully some others! I’ve also started re-reading It Starts With Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig (aka the founders of the Whole30 empire). I’ve read the book once before cover to cover, but I always think a second read can help reiterate the important parts or even parts you overlooked to begin with.

I’m also making it a priority to take five minutes with a lovely cup of black coffee to look back at my reasons for completing a Whole30. Why the hell bother? Why tell everyone you’re doing this (like all those annoying Crossfit people constantly tell you they do Crossfit) all month, what is your end goal(s)?

For me there’s a number of reasons:

I want to cut out sugar.

My sugar consumption had gone mad by December 2017. I was spiralling out of control. I’m definitely an all or nothing kind of girl, I can’t half ass it. I’m either eating sugar (and constantly because the slumps make me reliant on it) or I get rid of it completely.

I want to lose weight.

This is a big one for me. Sick of the same crap, not losing weight, but dieting and not achieving. Every time I have completed a Whole30 (this is my fifth round) I have lost weight and felt better about myself. This time we are also going to the gym. I’ve told Phil that I intend to keep going on Whole30 (except for maybe a break of a week when we attend a wedding in NZ in March) because I know this works and I don’t find it difficult. So why wouldn’t I do it long term?

I want to reduce my red meat intake and get back into trying new dishes and cooking techniques.

Cooking the same stuff week in and week out drives me mental. Not only do I get bored of eating it but cooking it becomes robotic. I LOVE cooking, the act of it, the planning and shopping, reading recipes, changing them so they fit to a Whole30 diet. ALL of it. So when I don’t get to challenge or test new things, I get crabby (or maybe that’s just a sugar withdrawal).

I want to be ready for the future.

Babies. When they should happen I want to be fit and healthy. I don’t want to make the process any harder or stressful on myself than it already could be. Cutting out alcohol and watching my red meat intake are two things I’m focussing on, as well as losing weight so I’m not any heavier than I need to be.

I am a firm believer in progress photos (not weighing) because not only does it show weight loss, but also clearer skin and general wellbeing. I got Phil to take photos of me at the beginning of our Whole30 journey, so I will post them once we hit day 30, and then 60, then 90 and so on.

Watch this space for new Whole30 recipes – all the ones I make are simple, promise!


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