After a fleeting 12 months in Sydney, Australia, we’re back in the Northern Hemisphere. Lancashire in the United Kingdom, to be to precise. I say fleeting, because it really was. By time we’d sorted a place to live and planned a few trips around Australia and to my home country New Zealand for Christmas, we were in the process of packing our lives up yet again and once again moving across the world. Painful. But it had to be done as we didn’t see ourselves settling in Australia. Maybe one day we’ll look at New Zealand again? Who knows.

Right now the hardest thing is trying to get into a routine. With neither of us working and living with Phil’s dad I feel completely out of sync. What day is it even? Lunchtime rolls around each day so quickly. Then suddenly it’s dinner time, but the sun is up and it looks like about 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

I won’t lie. A couple of times in the first week I found myself sobbing to Phil, asking if we’d done the right thing. But we had this same feeling when we first hit Australia. There, though, I already had a job lined up so I found it much easier to get straight to work and start mingling. The second week has been much better. I’ve got over the first shock and cold (!!!!) and it’s been lovely to explore the Lancashire county. Normally when we would visit Lancashire to see Phil’s family from our home in London (God, I miss London!) we wouldn’t spend time actually enjoying Lancashire – the greenery, the coast! We used to pop up, visit friends and family and then head back after a hectic weekend telling everyone where we’d been on holiday and what we planned next. Now we have DAYS and no news.

Fingers crossed we have sorted a car next week which will give us a lot more freedom and make us less reliant on Phil’s dad. Even though the alternative of walking is actually great. The bit I’m most excited for is buying a house – after years of saving we’re in a good place – we just need one job between us and we’re ready to go. Of course we’ve both kept a close eye on the market over the months so we know where and what we’re looking for. We’ve tried to keep the non-negotiables to a tiny list, even though I’d absolutely love the excuse of calling Phil and Kirstie to come help us find the perfect house in the perfect location!

It really doesn’t help that all of our belongings (excluding two 30kg suitcases) are sitting in a container in Sydney awaiting their departure on May 6th to head to us here. So right now we’re doing our best to make our new abode feel more like home. I know it’s Phil’s family home – but he’s not lived here for seven years so even he is trying to mould back into it. We’ll get there! I’m setting myself little goals to tick off each week so I can stop feeling lost.

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