I have become one of those. Yes, one of THOSE. That talks about the gym, their workouts and their food. Phil is doing his best to be supportive but I know inside he is doing major stink eye at me. I literally talk about my aching muscles daily. He’s a saint. A saint that’s screaming, SHUT UP ABOUT YOUR GODDAMN MUSCLES, on the inside. I imagine it’s like living with one of those Crossfit fanatics. Ugh.

But if we can be serious for a moment, I am fucking loving it. I have been religiously going now 3-4 times per week for the past three weeks and I’m feeling and seeing a difference. Additionally I am watching what I eat and sticking to a low-carb diet with bottles and bottles of water per day. Lately we’ve been eating a lot more fish and a lot less heavy red meat which is making me sleep better.

I’ve also taken the advice from many to have small and frequent meals throughout the day, to keep my metabolism churning and to never feel hungry. A typical day looks like:

7am: Banana and two large tbsp. of Alpro almond with coconut, and a ½ pint of water.
9am: Two boiled eggs with fresh spinach and a black coffee.
12noon: Chicken salad; fresh spinach, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onion, grilled chicken, roast vegetables (excl potato) or grilled eggplant if available, with a drizzle of chilli olive oil, with water.
3pm: An apple or two clementine’s with a black coffee.
7pm: Grilled fish/chicken with chilli, lime and coriander, with a salad of rocket/mesculan, cucumbers, walnuts, feta and basil, with water.
8pm: Mango and pineapple or strawberries and grapes.

I have so much energy and feel I’ve kicked a bit of lazy-Bron out the door. I actually look for ways to add a bit more exercise or walking to my day. I’m competing against my fat ass. I’ve not won yet, she’s definitely still there following me, but I’m taking her down slowly, one squat at a time.

This morning I tried on a skirt that previously didn’t fit, and you know what? It fucking fit! I mean it felt tight and if I ate a large meal it would probably hurt – but it zipped up!! Another couple weeks and it will be perfect. Small wins like that are what I’m holding on to. Phil kindly helped me take all my measurements over the weekend, as I realised I didn’t have a timestamp of them when I first started. I mean I know what I look like and the size I am. But measurements are a more precise way to keep tabs on any changes to my body.

Before and after photos will be posted, when I look more like the after shots you expect…

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