Flat pack furniture has long been considered DIY hell. It’s a seriously good relationship test. Phil and I decided it was a splendid idea to test ourselves with such a feat…

We popped by Argos and picked ourselves up two white bookshelves and a white coat/hat stand for our hallway. One (and possibly the only) downside of moving into our own place was the reduction in wardrobe space. As in, we now have to SHARE. Tantrums were had, clothes were thrown, but we have managed to squeeze our two large amounts of clothing into one medium-large wardrobe. With plenty of winter coats, and all my hats (that I never wear, but will not throw out in case I need them one day) that wouldn’t fit in the wardrobe, we needed to find them a home.

I started on the coat/hat stand while Phil popped to the store to pick up our reward beers. I managed to do the first two steps quickly and simply, even using a screwdriver. Then Phil got home and got in the way. Thankfully with a couple of squabbles and a bit of screw loosening (not a metaphor) we got the thing up and working.

Finished coat rack! Phil looks handsome, I look weird.

Phil decided he was running the show with the bookshelves and I was to read the instructions. I did bloody well with my job and had to point a few things out to him; ie. don’t bolt together the boards backwards – all finished white sides should face front. You know, small, important things. The bookshelves are cheap and cheerful – not the best of quality, but for £16 they certainly do the trick. They make our flat feel more like a home, and less that we’re living in a junkyard surrounded by boxes.


… and we’re still together! Winning!

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