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Impulse buying, drugs and face cream.

For six weeks, to the day, I have been taking antibiotics (doxyline) and using only fragrance-free Cetaphil face wash and moisturiser to rid my skin of rosacea and it’s bloody boring. I miss the beautiful scents of my treasured skincare products which are stashed in our bathroom cabinet (annoying Phil with their space-taking) and wishing to see sunlight again. The intoxicating scent of geranium oil, rosemary extract and evening primrose oil are so calming after a long day and feel amazing on your skin as your head hits the pillow ready for sleep. Instead, I currently go to bed with my face smelling like plastic.Read More

Rash zone

My skin hates me. It makes no sense because I’m now living in Australia and therefore my skin sees the sun and I’m washing my face in clean, non-hard water. Surely I should have been having these issues while living in London!Read More