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So, shit has changed course in the Phonnie* house…

*I’m trying out a Phil-Bronnie celeb-moniker much to Phil’s distaste. But, it really doesn’t have a ring to it.

We have just gone and signed a 12 month lease on a flat of our own in the newly sought after, yuppie-village of Balham, south London. We are both over the moon and full of excitement to have our own space in this up and coming spot filled with restaurants, Farmer’s Markets and cafes.

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A snapshot of my first 6 months in London, FOUR YEARS ago

I recently found these little snippets of my old blog, missB (a nickname that has stuck around!) and had a wee giggle myself. While four years have gone by, I seriously haven’t changed. I still write and fret and agonise about the same things. It’s like I’m sitting in a damn rocking chair. Not much has changed; just that I’m not chasing the penis constantly and my own confidence and personal self-assurance has greatly increased. Not that I was ever a wallflower.

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“Today I’m channeling Meghan Markle goes to yoga.”

This was my outfit description I gave to my good friend, Eileen, on my way to meet her for our Saturday of adventure. We had booked brunch and a free meditation class that Eileen had heard about from Lululemon, so the plan was to rock some casual yoga pants and black trainers, with a top, scarf, coat and shades for a hint of celeb style. If you’ve been reading up about Meghan and Prince Harry – you’ll notice the paps seem to only get her when she’s in her yoga pants on the way to a class.

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Portobello Road Markets, London

This weekend, as we have Kiwi buds staying, and because we’ve never been (in the four years we’ve lived here! Shocking!) we hit the Portobello Road Markets near Notting Hill. I love playing tourist in the city I live in. It makes you remember what it was like when you first arrived. Exciting and shiny and new. Not the 9-5 drab, painful commute you go through every single day, but the amazing scenes and experiences that make London such a stunner of a city.


We took in the beautifully coloured houses, the local buskers banging on their drums and strumming their tennis racquets (!) while breathing in the smells of the musky antiques and the sizzling, hot Bavarian sausages.

cake-sliceI, always sucked in by an antique purchase, bought a beautiful silver cake slice. I love all things old-school for the home and couldn’t resist it. I love the idea that one day, when I’m grown up with a house in New Zealand serving pavlova for friends and family, I will pull out this shiny, silver cake slice and think back to the time I was in London – specifically the day I hit the Portobello Markets.

Being on a Whole 30 diet limited my options in the market – but I spoilt myself with a fresh fruit juice from Joe & The Juice. juiceI had a Sex Me Up – passionfruit, apple and ginger – divine. On the way back through the market we decided to try a Bavarian sausage (no bread, ketchup or mustard was eaten on this trip). The sausage at the time was heavenly. I was starving. However at 2am that night I was in pain. Stabbing, bacteria soaked sausage pains woke me up from my sleep and caused the hypochondriac in me to think I was having a miscarriage. Please note, I am not pregnant, nor are we trying. But the pain was so immense I was having hugely irrational thoughts and the symptoms seemed like those I’ve read in novels or seen in films. Thankfully it was not the miscarriage fear I expected, and it was simply a case of food poisoning. Rancid sausage food poisoning.

queenA top highlight was bumping into Queen Liz, or so she thought she was. Crown, purse and the wave to boot the Queen impersonator made my day. She smiled and waved and even danced with some kids as the buskers played. I don’t know if she really thought she was the Queen, or if she did it as a way of busking/entertaining the crowds, but she sure pulled in the attention.

If you haven’t been, go. All markets in London offer different things, Portobello definitely offers more of the old school market in my mind, antiques and such. Where others can be more based around trendy things and clothing, this market is a brick-a-brack gold mine.