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Celebs who blog

In recent weeks I have become hugely fascinated by celebrities who have lifestyle or personal blogs. I love to read about their daily lives from their own perspective. I’m definitely from the generation of reality telly and knowing everything and anything about the famous people around us – hello, Daily Mail!

But I personally think, where a celebrity has the chance to write in their own words what they think or are passionate about is a much better read than journalists just trying to jazz up an article.

I’ve always been able to retain useless celeb gossip and tid bits. It’s a talent I have. Bloody useless in the grand scheme of things, unless I plan to become a Celeb Goss Pub Quiz Champion or write a book about Celebrity Facts. It’s just information that I absorb and retain. Completely sad.

Some of my top favourites:

Katherine Heigl

Blake Lively – Now taken down. I was sad when this blog died.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Whitney Port

Lauren Conrad

Reese Witherspoon

Alicia Silverstone

Do you follow any famous folk online? I mean, apart from stalking their Instagram feed. I’d love to hear of more lifestyle blogs.

An intimate singalong with Justin Timberlake and 2,348 others

My other half spoiled me with tickets to see Justin Timberlake for the third time, but this time in a small venue of 2,350. There were some diehard fans who lined up for hours just to be at the front, and one girl was rewarded with a selfie taken by JT on her phone.

He was an hour late to start his performance but claimed it was due to traffic and he wanted to wait for everyone to arrive. I love Anna Kendrick, but I somehow feel she was the late one whom Justin was waiting on.

He was amazing, as he always is live. He sang some oldies (Sexyback) and some newbies (Mirrors) and I loved every minute. I also love his band, The Tennessee Kids – they have some serious talent.

Overall he was worth the wait and we enjoyed a good boogie. I will never tire of seeing him live.