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Since my post about discovering I have rosacea I was shocked by how many responses I got from fellow-sufferers. Here I was, all about me, complaining as per usual, when people (and most younger than me) have been living with this already for years.

A lot of people had tips and provided insight in how to keep it more under control, but ultimately it’s here for life and could flare up at any time. Not only are diet and skincare factors in creating a flare up, but also the weather. Which surprised me in my move to Sydney – I would have thought the weather and polluted air in London would have caused me more issues, but alas, I never had a flare up there, perhaps there’s too much sun in Australia?

But alas, I’m still suffering. Two weeks of using a topic gel (metronidazole) which cost seventy-fucking-three dollars!!!!!!!!!!! Criminal. And nothing has changed. I’ve even cut out wine. *cry* I also changed my face wash and moisturiser. I’ve gone from lush, beautiful products in the most stunning packaging (hey, packaging and bottling totally counts) to the basic, plastic, fragrance-free Cetaphil brand. I’ve always had sensitive skin, but I’ve never had to switch out my lovely products. Ugh. Kill me now. Still, it’s not helped…


No difference. Except maybe my face is a tad slimmer due to the lack of wine. Also, my face is totally not symmetrical – I’m not going to be Australia’s Next Top Model any time soon.

So I’ve now booked another appointment for tomorrow with the doctor, this time to get an oral antibiotic. Because, fuck this shit. I need this flare up gone. I can cope with the odd red cheeks moment or dry skin, but this lumpy red, pustule surface area has got to go.

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