I recently wrote about splurging out on Aesop products and loving how clear they made my skin. Turns out they were too harsh for me. After a week my skin was dry, scaly and stung when I put some jojoba oil on to try and rectify the problem. I’m heartbroken because I love the Aesop products and because I spent a fucking fortune on them. Gutted. I hope we’ve all learnt a lesson from my mistake. TESTERS, people.

So until further notice I have put the face wash and toner on hold and am just applying the Camellia Nut Cream in the mornings and using a lighter Nivea night cream.

In addition to this change up in my face care, I also added a Nivea Anti-Wrinkle serum, a splurge purchase, you understand. I know, I know. Only face lifts and botox can really rid you of wrinkles. Well I’m here to slap that myth away. Well maybe not completely – I think the addition of a serum and drinking bucket loads of water each day merely plumps up your skin giving the affect of less wrinkles – while never really taking them away. Should you be dehydrated, those Grand Canyon gorges will show themselves again all over your lovely face. BUT I have found, after three days of morning and night use, that my skin is much smoother, less lined and more youthful. I was amazed – because I’m always sceptical about the beauty industry and their lies.

When it first comes out of the bottle it looks like scrambled eggs. Not appealing. But it smells lovely and fresh and spreads on easily – you don’t need a lot. Pop it on after cleansing and follow with your normal moisturiser. I’m kicking myself for not having taken a before photo.

This post was not sponsored by Nivea, I just love their products.


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