Do you ever wish you could just pack a bag, a few of your loved ones (not all, we want this to be tranquil) and jump aboard a plane or ship to a small island somewhere in the Caribbean or Mediterranean? Somewhere you could set up a new village, eating only local produce and fish from the sea. Cut off from technology, politics, underground hot-boxes that transport you from A to B (I mean you, London Underground tube), people who piss you off, people who inflate anxiety and stress. SO MUCH. So much one could escape from.

One couple built their own floating home 25 years ago off Vancouver Island. Their place is actually huge! The aerial shot makes it look like a mini-theme park – they just need a rollercoaster. More and more people are quitting the rat race and heading for island life.  I sometimes think that the people who take it back to basics have got it made. Live off the land, enjoy the sunshine, water and even the rain because, hell, you got nowhere to be! I love the rain – the sound, the taste, the fact it makes things grow. But when I’m walking to or from work or to meet friends and it rains and makes my hair flat and frizzy, my make up run, and my clothing smell like a wet dog – that’s when I hate rain.

I’m absolutely glued to the telly series The Durrells, which follows the true events of a family who were broke in England and moved to Corfu to start again with only the basics in life. Phil only puts up with it because he knows how much I adore it.

Have we got it wrong? Is this the best way to be living? Shouldn’t we be outdoors more?

If I’m brutally honest with myself I don’t think I’d last 24 hours without recording myself talking crap on Instagram stories or taking photos of my food or reading up about what Wills and Kate are up to next [major fan girl].

Some days I really think I’d like to give it a go. The idea of diving in petrifies me though! I feel like New Zealand would be the best middle ground, as a start anyway. Enough technology to keep me engaged, but with small enough towns to pick from where you can live partially off the grid. Of course, except for my two 4 star holidays to New York and Venice I would take each year.

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