I‘ve decided Finance and Investment Banking are not things I’ll be doing long term. I have said to friends before that I’d love to own a café and experience a more relaxed way of life. However, in reality a café would not be relaxing at all – it would be 5am wake-ups and annoying customers. So instead, my growing interest in books and reading has lead me to think I’d like to own a bookshop. I would love the satisfaction of finding someone a book they adored once they told me of their interests or what style of book really tickles their fancy (travel, food, erotic fiction, historical – or maybe they’re just my favourites).

Of course my bookshop would also need top notch coffee, so I’d probably look to hire one of those cute vans to park up outside, or perhaps a little coffee nook set up by a fireplace. I’d love to have it set up as a casual place to sit and read and sip coffee.

In reality I know there are companies out there who, with their online presence, would stomp all over my dream, mostly because I couldn’t afford the rent because there’s not enough people buying books the old fashioned way. But one can dream. Maybe in a small, rural town in the countryside?

This year, with our move and lack of telly or internet, books took on a whole new meaning to me. Ever since I joined the local library I’ve found myself on a constant hunt for my next read and plowing through all the books I can get my hands on. So far this year I’ve finished 16 and am now well into my next.

You can read a post I wrote here for the books that I rated five stars.

As you can tell, this bookshop is an absolute pipeline dream. One which will cost me thousands (to stock and rent the place) and only pull in pennies. So, I have three more realistic back-ups to this book dream;

  1. get a job working in a bookshop – all the fun of books without any of the responsibility, potentially not much time to read though
  2. work in the local library, the pay would be crap, but the chance to skive off and read books all day is an absolute win
  3. start writing my own books – this would mean reading books would become a form of “research”. I’d just have to hope I was a little bit good at it so I wouldn’t have to keep a “real” job at the same time

Number two is high on my ‘to-do’ list, and number three is already underway. Why waste all my awful dating experience when it could make a juicy storyline? Or even my moves across the world, the calm, the excitement, the frustration, the chaos; all undeniably great experience for book fodder. I also think the older I’m getting the more open I am. I’ve never been a wallflower, but in the past my blog has only ever reflected the happy, go-lucky moments, and I’m now working towards showing the whole story. The real story. Because it’s the best practise for writing a novel. Just writing. Whatever comes to mind.

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