For 30 days non-stop I did my 10 step Korean beauty process. Then we went to New Zealand for two weeks on holiday and I got lazy. I blame the wine and late nights.

The results of the 30 days were magic! It truly works. Friends and family were skeptical but I know that my skin always felt dewy and supple. It looked clearer and even my rosy cheeks had calmed down a bit. But now having been back from NZ for a week and in the swing of trying to pack our lives up to move to Sydney, I’m still lazy and haven’t completed a full morning or evening 10 step routine. I crave it though. I absolutely miss the routine.

This week I have tried my best to get back into it, but I’ve given myself the rest of this week just to survive. I know I sound so melodramatic; but there are people to see, accounts to cancel, new accounts in Australia to open and a job to start in less than a week. So much.

The same goes for eating – I have ballooned. All the alcohol and carbs have made me lethargic and blah. So again, when we hit Sydney we’ll be back on track and I can’t wait.

The confidence that comes with clear skin and a flatter tummy is phenomenal. I took so many more selfies, annoying my Instagram followers. But I need to get back there – especially with a new city to explore.

Now I just need to save up for some botox for those eye and forehead wrinkles.

glowing skin


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