The size of my 2017 Christmas tree. Now that we’re in our own plush pad – it’s not really plush, visually, it’s plush because we don’t have to share it with assholes – we’re investing in our own long-lasting (fake) festive tree. Back and forward was our discussion on Wednesday night on size. Phil, aka Mr Sensible, is adamant that we would be fine with a 6ft tree. I, on the other hand, want the 7ft tree – it’s only an extra £4!! We will (well, should) have this tree for years. Hello, investment!

He then argued that what if our ceilings were lower in the next house we live in. To which I dramatically replied, over my dead body. I love a high ceiling, I won’t be investing in something so low one could not erect their 7ft Christmas tree.

Next Mr Sensible brought up the topic of lights. How many metres would a 7ft tree need in comparison to a 6ft tree? I told him, let’s not panic on this, let’s just order the bloody thing, plus a few metres of extra lights.

I have told everyone at work that we’re setting up our tree this weekend. In November. Good God, the uproar! It’s like I told them that I wanted to slap them with a dead, wet fish. Phil also didn’t want to put it up this weekend. Why must we wait until December to assemble our tree? I completely agree that October is too soon. But the last weekend in November? Get in there. Plus it’s been proven that having your Christmas decorations up early makes you happier.

In the spirit of being organised for Christmas, this year we jumped online mid-November and managed to score ourselves free tickets to the Christmas Eve Carols at Westminster Abbey. Neither Phil or I have been to Westminster Abbey yet, but have always had it on our list. The church with so much history and all the royal weddings, and at Christmas all decorated? It will be so full of cheer and excitement! Christmas on crack.

Since I won, we know have a festive date tomorrow to put the 7ft (!) tree up, drink wine, eat Christmas mince pies and watch the All Blacks smash Wales. Go New Zealand!

Is your tree up yet? If not, you’re late. Get on to it. Get happy.

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