On Tuesday I am off to my third Gingerline experience. This time it’s titled the Chambers of Flavour. Oooooooooooooooh. Anticipation is high! Everything is kept secret until you arrive on the day, even the location is only sent to you on the day of your event. When you arrive the whole place is kitted out to the theme and the staff are all in character – it’s magic.

It is called the Gingerline as the secret locations for each event are dotted along the London Overground line, which just so happens to be orange.

The last two I went on were absolutely superb. The first event was a garden theme, with pretty cocktails, divine finger food and wellies (gumboots) as the must wear item. My second event was set in Vietnam, including a ride in a canal boat, eating treats from a tree in the jungle and spicy eats in a back alley bar.

I don’t have any clues about Chambers of Flavour; except that the name sounds fantastic and that I need to wear bright coloured stripey socks. This time I am attending the event with my Australian friend, who also happens to bleach the grey’s out of my hair, Toni.

I wanted to post in advance of going to the event, because as per the rules I can not share anything afterwards in case it spoils the surprise and magic for any follow up Chambers of Flavour guests.

London, I have found, is fantastic for events such as this, or the Moulin Rouge Secret Cinema experience I attended last month. There’s something on every day of the week, if you have the enthusiasm and bank balance (!) to do it.

Gin, from Mr Foggs Gin Parlour

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