…and there’s been far more nudity than predicted. I think it’s purely that we can walk around naked, that WE DO. Phil will walk out of the shower each morning and give his bits a shake in my direction. It’s become a morning greeting. I enjoy it.

Previously sharing a house with other people we always had to be a bit mindful of going full blown couple and keep it under wraps. No heavy petting on the kitchen bench. But NOW it’s gone full scale honeymoon phase, ALL OVER AGAIN. We can fit in a quickie while our sweet potatoes roast to perfection in the oven. And why not? We’re young (well he is, I’m climbing the steep hill of doom).

The only downside is I’m having to keep on top of my leg shaving. I mean not always, but I do try my best.

Needless to say, we are ridiculously happy in our own little spot. We’ve spent a bit buying all the things we need want to make it feel homely and comfortable. There’s only three boxes left, which contain heavy winter coats, shoes and books. These are pending in their boxes until we can get to IKEA and Argos to buy a freestanding bookshelf, a shoe cabinet for the hallway and a big trunk/box for storage. I’ve suggested these ones to Phil, all white to keep it simple:

I will definitely post some photos of the inside soon showing the finished product. Friends have asked about a flat warming, but I fear the place may be too small – we’ll have people standing in the hallway or worse, the stairwell! We may have to do a pub warming in a local pub instead… can’t pass up the excuse for drinks and merriment.

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