Yesterday (day 29) I posted a photo of myself to Instagram showing my body and skin progress from Whole30 and got a flood of lovely messages. I mean, they’re my friends, they weren’t going to tell me I looked like a sack of potatoes even if I did and I love them for it. But I do think they were genuinely happy for me in how I feel and my confidence boost that has come with it.


I’m very much in the Tiger Blood zone now even though the Whole30 definition says it’s days 16-27 inclusive, maybe at day 30 this is just the norm? If so, I’m fucking over the moon.

The main thing I notice is ENERGY. I walk faster, further and with more determination. Going to get coffee in the morning is like an assault course; dodging and ducking around people with my bigger strides, nothing like the dawdle I used to do pre-Whole30. I’m sure my 6kg (13lbs) weight loss is also a contributor.

So what is Tiger Blood in a Whole30 sense, and not the Charlie Sheen version?

You’ve hit the downhill slope of your Whole30 and life is beautiful—which means different things for different people. For some (generally people who came to the program eating well, exercising regularly, and feeling pretty good to begin with), Tiger Blood means we flipped a switch and turned on the awesome. Energy is through the roof, cravings are under control, clothes are fitting better, and workouts are stronger lookout, world, you’re on fire.

Basically, you have this shit under control and you’re feeling fantastic. This is where I’m at currently. I’m keen to carry on with Whole30 post 30 days. I’ve never carried on to a Whole60 before so I’m nervous. Especially as for me, this Whole30 was easy. I need to ensure I don’t tell myself “oh this is just an add on, you already smashed the first 30 days“. I need to stick to it as if this were the first 30 days all over again. People do it. Some people live it 365, I’m not playing darts with spaghetti, here. It’s totally doable. Plus, I didn’t really have any sugar/gluten withdrawals or days when I thought I would give up (which I have in the past). Perhaps my mind was just made up that it was time or maybe that will happen in the next 30 days? I hope not. I’ve started following a lot of blogs around Whole30 and Instagram accounts where people are cooking amazing Whole30 meals. Also, just the act of blogging about it is the accountability I need. So watch this space!

I’m also keen to hear about your Whole30 experience, did you enjoy it? Was it crap? Would you recommend it to a friend? Did you feast on pesto pasta smothered in parmesan and a glass of merlot within the first week and decide it wasn’t for you?

And if you have a Whole30+ blog you think I should follow, let me know in the comments!

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